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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Pizza Express Great Portland Street review

Afternoon all.  In case you are insane, blind, not in the UK or stupid, you will now know that the UK has a new Prime Minister.

 It has been interesting from a political perspective.  I have to say, that once Labour did not win the election, this was the outcome I was hoping for.  In my view, it means that it gives Labour the best chance of regaining power come the next election.  I can not see the right of the Conservative party staying quiet about a forced marriage with the Liberal Democrats.

Anyway, it has been some time since I last posted.  Quite a bit has happened.  I took the kids on the weekend to London Zoo again, this time with my mother.  My wife and one of our friends were in London for something else.  The kids once again loved the zoo, and as my son is older, he appreciated it a bit more than he did last time.  The only downside to the trip was the odd man who seemed to be following us about!  Why a single man was hanging about a playground was beyond me.  Well, it was not, my mother and I suspected that he might be a kiddy fiddler, and the staff at the zoo were great in seeing if he was about or not.  I might be wrong and there might be an innocent explanation for his behaviour...

Anyway, the visit to the zoo was on Friday.  On Saturday we met up with David and had lunch at a Pizza Express. I love pizza, and the kids do as well.  My wife is not normally a big fan, but she and David both loved what they had there.  And the service there was brilliant.  I expect good service and good food at Pizza Express, but this was great.  Probably the best I have had there, and to a standard I would recommend to all just based on the service.  Attentive and understanding of children, we actually forgot to ask for things that the waiter brought for the kids!

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