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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Lexden Crown, Colchester, review

Afternoon all.  
Have been celebrating this week.  
I went to an interview on Saturday and on Monday, found out that I got the job!  I broke the bad/good news to my work today.  Good from my perspective.  Bad from my current workplace.  I will have to take a 30% paycut to work there, but it is closer to home.  Among other things as well.

I have to admit, I did feel disloyal going for a job interview without telling my current workplace that I was going to do the dirty on them.  

I got it in writing on Monday when I got home from work, and told my work yesterday.

So today we celebrated.  We went out to The Lexden Crown, a really nice restaurant.  It is owned by the same people who own the Lemon Tree in Colchester, a place I highly recommend.  We have been to it before in the distant past before children.  I did not mind it, my wife did not like it though.  That was how it was in the past.

Now it is a great place to take kids.  It has good food, great food in fact.  The building has loads of character which I took the kids round.  It has a 'secret room' which was part of the old kitchen apparently.  But most importantly, it has a garden!  With a four year old (sorry, four and a half year old) daughter and a two year old son, they need to be kept occupied.  They played about in the garden, loved looking at the fountain in the corner (which takes away some of the noise from the main road which it is on).  Now as any parent knows time spent with your loved one while the kids are occupied is great!  You can talk to each other!  And did I mention that we liked the food?  Will be going back there again, and I do recommend it to parents in the area.  No toys or anything in the garden (it is not that big) but the garden is big enough and pretty enough for kids to run.

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