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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Brightlingsea in the May Bank holiday sunshine

So far, this bank holiday has been a good one.

Yesterday involved a trip to beyond Tiptree for lunch once my wife had returned from work.  In the morning, I took my son to play cricket. He used to hate this and I was not able to take him to his first sessions as I am not the best person to encourage him in situations like this. Instead my wife took him, but as she was working this Saturday, that fell to me.  So while he played on the dry areas of the pitch, I watched him while talking to two friends, Victoria and Adam.  After this, it was a trip to the Red Dog cafe at Inworth. We have been there before and the lady who runs it recognised us from then. Eating in the sunshine was lovely and after we got home, it was time to mow the lawn which has taken advantage of the rain and sun that has fed it since it was last done.

This morning though I went to work for a few hours and when I got home, it was a trip to Brightlingsea were we borrowed a beach hut and enjoyed the sun after eating breakfast at Batemans cafe.  Later my son and I played a version of cricket which he loved.

Anyway, once again it is time for bed, so good night all!

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