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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Arsenal without Arsène Wenger

Okay, I will admit it, I cried when it came to the last home game for Arsène Wenger.  Also, I was very glad, and surprised that we won our last league game, especially as it was an away game.

Also, I am optimistic about the next season.  People I have said this to think that I am insane, but the reasons that I am looking forwards to this is the legacy that Arsène Wenger has left the club.  While he won several FA Cups recently, the team has not performed to its potential, a big example of this being when Leicester won the title.  Do not get me wrong, they deserved it, and took advantage of the weaknesses of other teams.  But Arsenal was top of the league at New Years and should have won the title.  But it is our home form that gives me hope.  Our away form has been terrible, but our performance at home has only been second to the champions.  And a team that can have that home record is a team that is capable of winning the title, or at the very least, finishing second in the league.

Things will be hard.  Players that the team need will be attracted to other clubs.  It is thanks to Birmingham City that this is the case, as we were to have won the league in 2008, only for our season to fall apart after Eduardo was badly injuredIt was humiliating to finish third in a two horse race for the title, especially when we had a commanding lead. After that, players left for glory elsewhere, and while we would not have completed with wages in the 2008-09 season, being champions would have kept players at Arsenal and would have attracted others.

And on the topic of players, it is sad that Santi Cazorla is leaving the club.  He has been amazing.

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