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Sunday, 24 December 2017

Day 12 in Sri Lanka

Today was much more relaxing compared to others in a way.  There was a lot less driving and in the morning I had gone for a walk, a nice long one to make up for all the time that I had not been able to swim as much as I would like.  It was not as long as I would have liked ideally, but this break is not just about me, but it is also about the family.

After lunch we went to look at the St Clairs Falls.  We had considered other options including the scenic railway trip, but decided on one that took us down memory lane.  Before, when we had visited Sri Lanka in the past, my wife and I had chocolate cake and tea over looking the falls.  Since then, a dam has been built upstream of them and the place that we ate, has moved.

But it is still beautiful there.  And while we did not visit the location from the past to eat and drink, we went to were it has moved to.  We were not able to watch a film about the history of tea there, but it still was a place that the kids loved.

We bit of late night shopping and pizza and now it is time for bed while the children wait for Christmas day tomorrow.

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