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Sunday, 3 September 2017

In Arsène we trust(ed)

Sorry, but I am having a crisis of faith.

I used to think that Arsène Wenger should stay, but my thoughts on this have become less certain.  And when I say this, I do not wish to say that Arsenal does not owe him lots.  As does all of English football really for the way he has transformed how football is played in England.

But now it may be the time to go.

He is still a great manager, winning the FA cup so many times is not the mark of a failure, but I honestly think that we have a team capable to winning the league.  Or if we do not now, we certainly did two seasons ago when Leicester City won the league.  We were top of the league that season but blew it, only finishing in second place thanks to a surprise result on the last day of the season.

It may be that I am being too premature, as Chelski did not do well at the beginning of last season, and still won when people thought that it was not possible.  But they did not have a defence that had conceded eight goals in the first three league games.

If he leaves, things may not be any better, as only one team can win the league.  And for the record, I would love him to prove me (and other Arsenal fans) wrong.

However, I do feel ALL Arsenal fans should support the team on the pitch and NEVER boo them off.

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