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Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Natural History Museum

Yesterday was a day spent with the kids.  Due to issues with childcare I had to spend time with them.  I guess that if I had really really tried, I could have arranged something, but yesterday was the last Wednesday before they return to school. Next week, my daughter will be in secondary school (which does mean more quality time with my son) and before long, she will have left home.

We had to visit the doctors and after that, it was a walk into town.  The kids enjoyed a milkshake, and until my son had a sulk, they also enjoyed Pokemon Go.  Of course, my daughter was a bit stressed when she was told about a few issues with her uniform but that did not last too long (and was amusing to watch).  After seeing the headmaster of my sons school we went to the Natural History Museum.  I have wanted to visit it for ages but the kids were not too keen.

But they liked it a lot more than they expected.  It was a great way to learn about the natural history of the local area, it had interactive exhibits that stimulated them.  I think that they were surprised at how much they enjoyed it.

After that it was a trip for food where they ended up eating my burger and then home.  Days like this will become fewer, especially when my daughter visits the town centre with her friends.

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