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Wednesday, 11 January 2017


There are allegations being spread on the internet about Donald Trump.  At this time, they are allegations and Trump is right to refer to it as Fake News. However what is ironic is the way he spread fake news in the past.  Some argue that this means that he should not be President and to them I say, tough.  

Concerns about Trump and his links to Russia were rightly raised before the election in November and he won the Electoral College that decides who wins the election.  Which means that even if these allegations are true, and there is no evidence that they are, then the people of America had been warned.  And they chose someone who had stated that he sexually assaulted women and also said he could shoot someone and still have loads of support.

Just before I leave, I would like to remind people that he is a germaphobe and while urine is sterile when it comes out of the bladder, bacteria soon use it to grow.  In addition to this, the intelligence services would not have wanted this to be leaked and I am certain that they will take action if the source is found.

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