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Saturday, 14 January 2017

How many of you believe in telekinesis? Raise MY hand!

Hello all. 

Cycling was not as good as it was earlier in the week when I went to work in the morning, nor was I up to targets that I had met last year but I am going to blame the wind for that.

But after a few hours at work, it was back home where we went down to a trip to London.  We ate in East Ham as we were starving, before doing some shopping there and then later popped into see my mother.  My mother-in-law did try making contact with us in the day as well, but decided to FaceTime us when we were in the car with no WiFi connection to use.    Anyway, my mother loved seeing the kids.  It was great as not only did my wife and I have a much appreciated chance to recharge our batteries, we also looked through a collage of old photos of the children.  And yes, it reminded us of how quickly they grow, and how lucky we are to have them.  

With chess, another tournament has been completed, and sadly, this was one there I had not done as well as I wanted.  But every game is a learning experience.  And I may get to watch the Arsenal game.  I did not mean to find out the score before watching Match of the Day, but thanks to FaceBook, my joy at watching it without knowing has been spoiled. 

And this might bring a smile to your faces if you don't like the videos from The Voice.

A bloke goes into a pub with a glum face and the barman says "Wassup?"

The bloke says "I'm in the doghouse"

"Why's that?" says the barman

"I didn't open the door for the wife"

"Hardly the crime of the century" says the barman
"I know, says the bloke, I just panicked and swam for the surface" 

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