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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Day four in France - films

Today has been one travelling about in the area.  We had a trip into town to find one of the least helpful Tourist Information centres that we have found and then after that, it was a journey to find another. Luckily our hosts had told us where they could be found and we then found one of the most helpful Tourist information centres ever.  The good thing about the tourist information centre was the museum above it, which while sparse was free and offered information on the basics of the Stone and Bronze Age, which I presume included local finds.

We were fortunate enough to be told more information to augment that which our hosts had given us both today and yesterday.  And armed with this information, due to the day being one with weather reminiscent of England (the stereotyped version) we traveled. We visited a chateau and tried some wine. The kids were great but we felt it would be too unfair on them to take them round looking at furniture when they were hungry so instead we went to a nearby restaurant were we had good food. I always love the idea of fried cheese but the Camembert with breadcrumbs today accompanied by a salad with raspberry vinegar was amazing.

Once back near our temporary home, it was a trip to a local patisserie to reward the children for their patience with a treat for them and a Cafe au lait for us.  At home while my wife slept, the children watched the end of Transformers 2 (as bad as all the other sequels) and then we watched Batman vs Superman which was a far better film.  Anyway they are in bed now, no doubt sleeping about superheroes and the argument we had over dinner as to if Buffy The Vampire Slayer is a superhero (or heroine) or not. For the record, she is one, and an awesome one at that.

And the picture is of a snail is one that we picked up somewhere along our travels today.

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