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Sunday, 14 August 2016

At home, finally

We have finally returned home.  Properly.  Yesterday we stayed at my in-laws which did mean that we got to visit my mother.  My wife, was knackered after driving so much yesterday so she rested, and if you have read some of the previous posts, you will know just how much she deserved it.

While at my mothers, we played a game of Chinese Chequers, the kids now being more determined to beat me when playing it (my son managed it once when he was winning when we ran out of time, so I said that he won).  They enjoyed it as did my mother, but the downside was that she was late for a meeting.

Anyway, we returned home, unpacked, and got to business as almost usual.  My daughter helped a lot while I rode my bike for the first time in two weeks to get some milk.  The kids have been unwinding and have spent the last hour or so before bed watching James Corden and his carpool's with various people.  It is great to be home, and great to be able to have spent time with the family.  I am truly lucky as I know so many others are not so fortunate.

Which sort of makes the loss of Arsenal today a bit more bearable.  While ironing, the kids and my wife went upstairs to watch Modern Family allowing me to watch the match.  And it all looked so promising.  But we lost, but regained some honour when pulling back the score from 1-4 to 3-4.  A loss, one where we had four goals scored against us, but one where we had a chance to draw.  Yes, we should have won, but the season shows promise and I think that we have a chance to finish in 4th place (I think that Chelski or the Manchester team that rhymes with City will take the top two places and ManUre will get 3rd).  So it was not as bad as it looked it would be.  But, I do think that Arsenal fans should get behind the team and stop booing.

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