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Thursday, 14 July 2016

I am very grateful for what I have

It has been a bit of a traumatic weekend.  A friend of my wife died and it was her funeral.  I have had to deal with death in my job, but this year there have been two cases where it has struck too close.  One was the sudden and tragic death of a man who lives down our road who can not have been too much older than me.  His son goes to the school our kids go to, and we see his wife most days on the school run.  I was not able to attend his funeral with my wife and daughter, but I was able to attend his wake.  However, this Friday, thanks to my work being understanding, I was able to go with my wife to the funeral of her school friend.  We learned a lot about her at the time, and were reminded of the power of faith, and its importance.  It was great to see her friends, but it also reminded me of the importance of God and how we should try to make the world a better place, for loss will always occur.  But it also reminded me of just how lucky I am to have what I am blessed with.

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