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Sunday, 15 May 2016

St Totteringham's Day 2016

What a day!  What a weekend!

First of all, family. My son had been out on a scouts weekend and had a sleep over there.  He seemed to have loved it there and on picking him up today he was full of beans.  After dropping him off, it was a trip to work for paperwork.  I had mentioned to my daughter that we could watch the Arsenal ladies FA cup final, she was honest enough to state that she was not interested in this, which meant that I was able to work longer than I would have otherwise.  Although I cycled to work, I was not able to do it as quickly as well I would have liked.  Also my fitness had not improved as much as I had hoped as I was not able to do it as well as I had done it two weeks ago.  However, on getting back home, it was helping my wife to cook and then off to a friends for Eurovision.  In the past, we would normally travel somewhere to watch it, but now, with children, we do not do that.  Though this weekend, it was only one child with us.  I have to say, other than watching our own entry, we had a few other favourites.  Mine was Belgium, and I think that the rest of the family agreed.  It was a late night and this was after a late night before as well.

Come the morning, my daughter was up before us.  But she has a desire to always be up as she knows that things happen when she is asleep.  But later, it was a trip out on our bikes.  My wife is not able to take part yet due to her knee, so it was a ride with my daughter and me.  She ideally wanted to go on her preferred route, but this was limited due by the Para 10 run, so we went on another trip instead to Hilly Fields.  My daughter had a say in which way we went, but was not too keen on making the choices.  I did learn that if we do such a trip again, I am to let her look beforehand.    

Once home, lunch and then a trip to collect my son.  After picking him up, it was a stop over on the way home to collect some ice-cream and then home to mow the lawn. But before I did so, temptation got me.  I had to look at the scores.  You see, if you are not interested in football, you might not be aware that Arsenal, after leading the table at one time were on course to finish in third place while our local rivals were to finish in second.  This week, after Newcastle were relegated,  I realised that the players would no longer have the stress of avoiding relegation in place and also would want to win the final home game of the season, especially as the fans would be watching second division football next season.  My concern was if Arsenal would win the game.  I felt that Newcastle would not lose, but a draw would not be good enough for us.  And at half time, I had hope.  Not much as Arsenal were only leading by a goal, but while mowing the lawn with my headphones on (something I do not recommend people do in general) I had a shock as Newcastle went down to ten men.  The stress of the next 45 minutes was huge but Arsenal came through and finished in second, our highest league position since the team left Highbury.  

It was stressful, but finally, the season ended better than it might have.  I am not sure if the season was a failure still, but it certainly would have been if we had ended behind our rivals!  

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