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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My Egg head

Well, today was interesting.  After dropping the kids at school, when parking I got a call from school.  Now when I say I dropped them at school, rather than take them into the playground and wait for the bell, today I dropped them outside school and, at their request, let them walk in.  They wanted to get in early to play with their friends, which I understood.  But when parking I was called from school.  I tried to answer, but by the time I did so, they had hung up.  So I rang them to find that they were ringing my wife.  My son had fallen, and it appeared that he had fallen on his way into school.  Needless to say, my wife was not pleased with this.  But he appeared okay when I rang so we left him there.  But after lunch, his pain was worse and I was called from work to pick him up (the school are not allowed to give him painkillers).  I felt so sorry for him, he had a lump on his forehead, but he would not tell me what happened.  In fact it was only later that he told me what happened when we picked his sister up.  It happened when he was running in the playground, he tripped over the foot of another child.  This did allow me to get out of jail as there was no fault on my part by letting him walk into school with his sister from down the road.

But my daughter later caused me more grief.  I asked her about something she learned about in school, this being dividing with fractions, only for her to give me the wrong answer.  That was fine, but the attitude that she gave me when I explained this to her!  I should be used to this, she has not listened to me that much since she was born.  But she is to become a teenager soon and I can only dread what will happen when this occurs.  And them my son will join her!

But saying that, I have two great children and an amazing wife and I am very grateful for that.

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