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Sunday, 10 January 2016

My wife wants us to go to Morecambe for our holidays next year, but I'm not so sure that is wise

We have been down to London to see my mother (who is now living alone) yesterday.  We took her out for a meal at a Sri Lankan restaurant that had been recommended to us by a colleague of my wife.  When we arrived in Soho, my daughter sniggering as we passed one or two places, we were amazed to find a long queue outside the restaurant we wanted to visit.  Booking is not an option, so waiting is what you have to do if you do not arrive in good time.  It was strange waiting in a queue for one restaurant that passed one next to it which had empty tables in it!  But food wise, it was worth the wait.  You can find similar food in East London, but the standard will not be as what we had here.  Some places come close with some of the dishes that they serve, but overall, for this type of food, this is the best we have eaten at, in the UK that is. 
Once we got home, through a terrible downpour, we got to watch The Voice, the last series on the BBC.  Both kids love it and this year, both were able to use the App that is available for it.  My son 'turned' for loads.  I probably did the same for more than I should, but one stood out.  I think that they have the chance of wining, but I have been wrong with those who I have loved in the past before.  

I did not get a chance to watch the football last night, we were too tired after the drive home.  But I did watch the win this morning after we had all been out on our bikes.  I am determined to become fitter as I have not really exercised properly in years.  I would never say I did exercise as well as aim to do today, but something is better than nothing.  And in my job, I do see how exercise helps keep people fitter and improves the chances of living longer.  After my wife was dropped at home, the kids and I continued onwards.  The highlights of the journey included by son falling into mud and getting it all over his trousers, but for the kids themselves, cycling down a hill at speed.  Of course, when back, by daughter who had a mild spat with me, decided to ask my wife if she had seen the trousers of my son, this being after I had earlier in the day told them that I would be dead if she found out how dirty they were.  The look of innocence on her face when she asked this would have fooled many, but not me!  My son, despite being in ecstasy since my brothers bought him an Arsenal kit, did not want to watch the highlights of the Arsenal match.  My daughter and wife watched Arsenal beat Sunderland though, a great game, but one where our defensive weaknesses were on show again and with Liverpool to play soon, we will probably not be as lucky in our next game if we give away goals the way we did.

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