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Saturday, 11 April 2015

I see that Paul Lambert's been talking about his sacking by Aston Villa. He says that, given the opportunity, most of his players would have shot him in the back. On the plus side, Paul, they'd have probably missed.

I am not used to Arsenal being so high in the table at this stage of the season!  However, it means focusing on all games and remembering that there are no easy games in this league.  Over this holiday, I have tried to get the kids into football.  It has yet to work, though they did like watching the end of Fever Pitch and I think that there is a chance that I can 'convert' them.

At present, they are away with my parents-in-law having spent a few days there while my wife and I work.  While I miss them, it has been enjoyable having sometime with just my wife and me.  They have been to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and they are going to come back home today.  Though, this will be the first Saturday that they will have without TheVoiceUK and my wife has been wondering how they will cope!

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