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Sunday, 12 April 2015

I couldn't afford to take my kids to Sea World. So I took them to Billingsgate Fish Market, saying, "Shhh ... they're all asleep."

First of all, Arsenal have won again.  I watched the highlights on Match of the Day and am glad that we came through another game with a win.  While some have talked about Arsenal winning the title, that would require Chelski to lose four games, while Arsenal win every game they play.  And I do not see that happening.

I got back from work today to find the kids at home.  I had to stay later than I expected, but it was great to see them after they had been away for so long.  Unfortunately, I did not get to spend the time with them that I was hoping I could, this being as I got home so late, but reading them a story at night is an experience that I hope they remember, one that they seem to like and one that I am sure I will treasure forever.

But now to the NHS.  Coming up to an election, all the parties are making promises that I do not think can be kept.  Mainly because of the issues with staff leaving the NHS.  With GP's it is not just leaving the NHS, but also leaving the UK, which makes it harder for them to come back, not without taking a pay cut to do so that is.  I would love to just state that one party is wrong about the promises that they are making, but I do not see any understanding the issues facing the NHS.  It will be easier to tempt nurses and midwives back to the NHS as many will still be in the country, but that will require pay rises and a change in working conditions.  And the same applies to doctors, not just GP's but also hospital doctors.  Promises can be made, but there has to be the staff available to allow the health service to deliver them.  We can learn a lot from other nations, one of them being that while the NHS can and should get better, it can be a lot worse.

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