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Friday, 27 February 2015

Star trek legend Leonard Nimoy has died. Beam me up Goddy.

First of all, it is a loss to all who loved Science Fiction that Spock has died.

Many do not mourn other deaths, and that is not logical.  First there is the murder of a blogger in BangladeshAvijit Roy appears to have been killed just for his views on religion which angered Islamist hardliners.

The other murder is that of Boris Nemtsov a critic of Putin, and one who has like so many in the past, died.

I mourn the death of Nimoy, my memories of Spock are to be treasured for the rest of my wife.  I also despair over the other two deaths which have been reported and the way these two men were willing to risk all to speak out for what they felt was right.

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