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Sunday, 22 February 2015

It's rumoured that the 0 2 stadium in North London (formerly WHL) is to be renamed again to the Tutu stadium in honour of the bunch of ballerinas that were unable to hold on to a 0-2 lead with just ten minutes to go.

Restaurant meals were great for us this weekend.  It was a trip to Suffolk, first a meal in Ipswich at Isaac's which I thought was okay, a welcoming atmosphere and food that the kids loved.  I am always sold on sweet potato chips so that was great for me.  We were lucky and managed to bag a parking space outside which also helped and it has been a while since we have been to that location (it was a Vodka Bar when we were last there).  It has a great location overlooking the Marina and it is a place that I would return to again.

Later in the day it was a trip to Bildeston to stay at the Bildeston Crown.  It was a great stay, they welcomed the kids, had two kids beds in our room which we all loved staying in and when it came to eating there, amazing food.  The sound system in the room was great, and the shower was amazing.  It was a shame to leave it, loads of power and lots of heat, and I am very fussy when it comes to things like that!  The restaurant had great service and catered really well for our children.  While there were no things for the kids to do (no colouring sets or kids menu) eating at a restaurant that good is not about things like that.  Like the rest of the hotel, they were great with the kids talking to them, and where appropriate, servings suitable for them and adapting to them.  Now this is a place we certainly would love to return to, be that the restaurant or the hotel itself.

And later on Sunday, it was a trip to Hollow Trees Farm, a petting farm that the kids loved.  Fortunately, we had brought the Wellington Boots of the kids, which considering that it had been raining at times was a wise choice.  While my wife waiting in the warmth of the Farm Shop and Coffee Shop we explored the petting farm feeding animals, and enjoying the child friendly activities.  Again, if we are in the area, the kids would love to return as we spent an hour there and it was not enough.  And from there a journey to The Swan Inn in Monks Eleigh were again we were spoilt with a great meal.  I have to admit, while my wife assured me that it would be great, when we drove up, I doubted her, especially after dinner the night before.  And on entering it, while clean and very welcoming, again, I expected normal pub food.  But the food was great and while not as fabulous as that Bildeston, this is somewhere I would strongly recommend for those in the area.  I was amazed, considering how good the food is, that more people were not eating there.  If we lived closer, we would be eating there more often.

Anyway, good night once more.    

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