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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Joining Alan Sugar on the next series of The Apprentice will be Judas who, from just thirty pieces of silver, famously turned in a prophet

My family are back! On Friday, my daughter went to spend two nights with the Brownies on a Brownie Holiday. When asked about this by my wife, who was not too sure about this, I said yes to her going. As the time got closer, we both realised just how much we were going to miss her. She of course was getting more and more excited by the prospect of not just days filled with activities, but having a sleep over as well. After dropping my daughter off on Friday my wife and son drove to spend time with her parents and I met up with them in London. My wife was exhausted as she had let my son sleep in the same bed as her and he had kicked, and kicked and she kept walking up worried that he was trying to kill himself by suffocating in the pillows or duvet. The only downside with checking is that my son gets into all sorts of positions when he is asleep. So after meeting up, we took him to the London Cable Car.  He loved it and while he missed his sister, he loved the time he spent with us.  We collected her earlier today, have taken them to lunch and am now at home again.  We have been watching Strictly Come Dancing but while they love each other and missed each other, they are back to bickering...

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