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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Congratulations West Ham, the only club named after two things that the Unislamic State hate.

Well, it has been a good weekend for the kids.  We took them to Chessington World of Adventures and they loved it.  My wife however was not able to go on the rides, as she is allergic to them.  This has been an issue in Legoland and was noted by me BC (Before Children) as students when we went to Alton Towers.  Then she was in a queue and trusting me asked me if the ride was scary.  Despite the screams of people above us, she listened to be and seemed to ignore the noise of terror.  Needless to say, she has done her best not to go on rides since.  But this actually worked out very well for us.  She got to relax and the kids managed to enjoy the theme park.  They took me on rides like the Vampire, the Black Buccaneer, the Monkey Swinger (do not go on that if your kids do not do well getting wet) and Kobra.  They managed to get my wife to go on one ride, Bubbleworks, which was not filled with adrenaline, but was a great experience for the kids, and as we were with them, us as well.

We are at home now, tired, the kids are in bed after watching Strictly and I am while the X-factor results are on, I am getting ready to watch Black Sails.  I did not get to watch things like the Arsenal win properly on television but spending such an enjoyable weekend with the family was more important. 

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