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Saturday, 19 June 2010

The bird found the safest place in the stadium during the England game; the Algerians net.

Morning all. 41 days to go!

Just thought I would mention that in case anyone is interested!  Anyway, let me get on to what has been going on.  I have been watching the World Cup, watching the game yesterday where England drew against Algeria.  I just hope that the fans there continue to support England.  Booing them when they are not playing that well is not the way to support them.  Lift the team, and the team will lift the fans.  

The post title refers to a bird that rested on the Algerian goal net during the game, and was not troubled that much.

Anyway, the kids are now up.  We are back in Norfolk, and in Cranmer.  We are staying in a different cottage to where we were before.  And it is raining right now.  As the aerial is not working properly, I can not keep the kids occupied with Cbeebies and instead have to rely on what else is on terrestrial television.

But I do love them!

I forgot to post that on the weekend, the kids saw the Red Arrows flying back from Her Majesty, the Queen's birthday celebrations.  As I am looking the videos to upload on the links, the kids are sitting next to me watching them!

During the week, we took the kids to see our parents.  My son and daughter are getting more used to Dougal, the dog that lives at my mothers.  And of course, they loved being at my wife's parents.  We left them there to watch a film!  The first one that we had watched in ages.

Anyway, I am going to have to go before they kill each other.  Lets see if I can upload a video that they will like...

Dear France,

karma is such a bitch!
all the best,



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