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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Day one in Madeira

We are in sunny Madeira!

We woke up early in the morning to get to Gatwick, and all fell asleep in the taxi. Which meant that the others missed the middle lane driving that occurred for some of the trip.  But the taxi driver was nice and polite, so as much as middle lane driving annoys me, I did not say anything.  Booking in to the flight was a different experience as we had checked in online and only had to use the automated bad drop.  The kids seemed to enjoy the flight and we all belived my wife when she said that the seat window had been allocated to my son (I assume she told the truth), and the landing was quite smooth.  In fact, some of the passengers applauded once we had landed.  I will be showing the children videos of planes landing here sometime during the holiday. 

Anyway, arriving on a Sunday, there was a wait to check in to the hotel but it was worth it.  The view is amazing and after my wife fell asleep on the bungalow we went down to swim in the pool.  That was after lunch though where the kids has asked to move tables, and regretted it as we ended eating with some Geckos which freaked them out.  I think they laughed when one jumped onto me.  But back to the pool, kids made some friends there and got me to blow up Gary, an inflatable dolphin that belongs to friends who had been in Madeira last week.  Anyway, we are fed and was relaxing while watching a film.

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