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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Fun Yesterday and today's torture

Another post by my son, though as before, not one which has been keen on doing.

Yesterday my happy day. Yesterday I helped clean out mummy's car. And it using a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the water. It took about an hour and a half.

Today I help my sister clean her book out from her room. It took about an hour. She gave me about 20 books, she said she'd help me with them putting them away and getting rid of some of my books. She lied to me. She hadn't helped me at all it didn't make sense, after all I helped lots.

In the afternoon I had to have A monstrosity of a haircut. I despised it and make pleaded not to have it. My mother said I have to do it or I would never be allowed to have Pokémon cards for the rest of my entire life! After it was done to she was smiling. I was very annoyed after all it's not like I wanted it.

As you can tell, he was not in the best of moods about typing this one!  I have to give him credit for doing these though.

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