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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Pokémon Go and my son

One week ago, my son was heartbroken.  After collecting him from Cubs, I took him to a Pokégym not realising that there was a raid occurring there.  For those with a life, who do not know about this, Pokémon Go is a game where you encounter Pokémon which are virtual creatures which can be caught using an app.  My son got into it when his friends at school had taken up the craze.  Most have given this up, but he is going strong.

My daughter took this up later, but her enthusiasm died after attending a raid where she saw some of those who play Pokémon and decided to stop playing it as much.  Well, we have only been able to go to a few raids and have never caught one of the Legendary Pokémon.  So last week, we got there to find lots of people about to take part in one. We joined up and the 'Raid Boss' was defeated. But then it came to capturing it.  The sad thing is that I got it and he did not. Understandably he was distraught and when the same happened on the weekend with another one, where I caught one and he did not, he took it better.

So on Monday, I had the chance to get one for him.  And this time I got it for him.  The screams when he realised brought a big smile to my face.  Sadly I was not able to do the same for my daughter, but maybe next time...

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