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Monday, 20 November 2017

Dear Jeremy Hunt, Jonny Keogh is right about the NHS and you are wrong

Dear Jeremy Hunt,

I am sorry to say this, but while I admire your optimism about NHS Mental Health services improving, while you have been in charge, but they have not.

You will cite figures stating that the numbers working in mental health have increased, but the stark facts are that numerous posts for psychiatrist junior doctors are unfilled, the number of child psychiatrists are shrinking, psychiatrists in addiction services are facing cuts and the police are having to deal with patients who have mental health issues as there are no beds to admit these patients.

I know you want to improve things with mental health and your answer to Ralf Little includes is ambition, but you have pledged to increase the numbers of GP's in the NHS but have seen numbers fall, you have increased the number of training places for nurses, but the number of students entering nursing is year has also fallen, and while you say that the NHS is getting more money, Simon Stevens says it has not got the money it needs, and the increases in funding are only greater than the coalition government which you were part of!
So forgive me, and the many others in the NHS who have seen your promises vanish, for knowing that Ralf Little is right.

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