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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Day Three in Devon & a trip to Dorset

After waking this sunny morning, I took the kids out for a walk. We had discussed this the previous night and my daughter was keen to explore. My son was willing to walk a bit so we agreed to take him to have a look at the pool, and then to bring him back with a hair clip for his mother. However, once downstairs we were reminded that a naked swim takes place in the morning and therefore had to have a quick look. But we were given a recommendation, this being to take some windfall apples to the horse who lives down the hill. None of us had the courage to feed the horse with our hands but he ate the apples that we tossed over the fence to him.  After this, we walked back up the hill and my son was left with my wife while my daughter and I continued to explore, which included the pet cemetery and a walk past the solar panels to some fields above Glebe House where we saw some rabbits and sheep.

After breakfast, it was a trip down the coast where we found it a bit windy.  My son and wife were not keen on a walk along the Jurassic beach, so that was left to my daughter and me, though she decided to leave her walking shoes behind.  We had not brought a hammer with us, so our attempts at finding fossils meant breaking stones by throwing one down upon others. We found no fossils, but did make a Stone Age blade which my daughter has kept, and promised not use on her brother.

On the way back, it was a stop at a bakery where the food was excellent.  The chef was a bit abrupt at first, but warmed up later.  The only downside was the toilets which badly let the place down.  Saying that, we would love to return, but probably will not get the time to do so, if we are to see the Jurassic centre tomorrow among other things.

Once back at Glebe House, the kids went swimming in the pool. And when they say that the pool is heated, it is.  We have been to other places with heated pools, only to find that they had a different definition of heated to what we had.  This is the kind of heated that we had in mind, and this meant that we had no qualms with the children staying in the pool for a while.  Though, once they were out, it was a quick trip indoors to be dried off.  The kids rested and read books (and watched a Pokemon DVD) while my wife had a much deserved massage.  And then it was out for food.

When my wife had talked about a trip to Beer for my daughter and her to get a crab sandwich and my son eating something else, I did not think that she met eating in a restaurant. So I was not too fussed about rushing, which meant that everywhere was booked.  We drove to Seaton and my wife started to get stressed about feeding the children. We went to one place to find it was booked, and she decided to go into the Co-op and get some food to eat in our room.  Fortunately she listened to the option of driving through Seaton to find a restaurant and to ring them while in the car.  And so we had a meal at Tandoori Tonight. And the food was quite nice.  No where close to the standards of lunch, but much better than dinner the night before.

Anyway, the kids have finally gone to bed, as must I.

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