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Friday, 11 August 2017

Day eleven in Devon. Our fast car.

What a day.  We left Fingals to have breakfast on the coast, but this was in the opposite direction to our trip home.  Breakfast was great and we all loved it.  And it was just as well as my son had left his iPhone behind!  Travelling back was no great hardship as it was on our way home and we thought that was the end of our problems.  

But it was not.  We hit traffic on the way to the M5 and our car ended up breaking down due to an issue with electricity.  And just for dramatic effect in what was meant to be in the fast lane.  Fortunately, the traffic was going slow, and later an AA van stopped traffic allowing us to move to the grass verge.  The police who had been called came and checked us over and we waited for a nice man in a breakdown truck to collect us. By that time, the car started to work, and we drove onto a service station where our car was checked and no fault was found.

So we went on, and due to issues with traffic again decided on a diversion to take us back past Stonehenge.  But after hitting heavy traffic we broke down again. So here we are, in a lay by waiting for a pickup to come to take us home, the time of this being put back further and further.

What a memorable end to the holiday!

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