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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Dhan Waffle

First of all, the update on the family.

It has been a while since the last post when we went out for a meal.  Since then we have had a few things happen.  Last weekend we travelled to London to see our (that is my and my wife's) parents though due to an accident on the A406, it was a very tiring day.  In addition to this we have had a learning conference (or as I used to call it when I was younger, a parents evening) were my daughter was told that she is amazing, and my son was told that he needs to show everyone how amazing he is more often.  And it was his birthday.  That was great as we had a gaming party where my wife had arranged for someone (a very nice lady) to come round with two projection screens and she connected them up to some PlayStation's and also brought two virtual reality headsets.  Being boys, the kids absolutely loved it, and being a boy, I did as well.  It all went well for him and I have to compliment my wife once again on her amazing abilities at organisation and with the cake, cooking.

Today, while my son was at two birthdays I was in London for a course.  When walking back to my car (which was parked where I did not have to pay), I got to eat at Maltby Street, indulging in a very nice (and posh) hot dog as well as some amazing dumplings.  The picture does not do the flavour of the dumplings any justice as they were amazing.  And unlike many other places to eat in Maltby Street market, there was no queue.  After eating the dumplings, and then eating more, I felt sorry for those who walked past them.  I know that when I have my next course in that area, I am going to try to find an excuse to travel to Maltby Street so that I can eat before I return home.  The downside of driving home from there though is that I do not get to have any of the beer I saw being drunk there.

And on getting home, I got to listen to the Arsenal game.  The midweek demolition was demoralising to say the least and a friend of mine commented that Lincoln would be looking forwards to this game.  And considering that they nearly made it to half time with no goals being scored, you could not fault that statement.  But we won and appeared to do so with ease as Lincoln tired in the second half.  And it has taken away a little bit of the hurt that I have suffered as a fan, but I suspect it will return soon.

Anyway, my wife is in bed, unwell with a poorly knee which means that she was not able to go out tonight has planned, but instead has had to stay in bed watching Gilmore Girls while I watched the Voice with the kids (who vanished before the end) and a mug of wine (it saves on washing a glass later in the day when I am tipsy, an issue as my daughter broke our last habitat goblet).

Last of all before videos from artists from The Voice UK, my standings on two chess tournaments were a bit respectable.  Thanks to a few time outs, I finished 6th (out of 12) in the quicky tournament, and in the 34th Quick Knockouts (1401-1600) I finished in 197th place out of 315 places (and 527 players).  Well I was proud!    

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