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Monday, 2 January 2017

Mersea Island

Today we have been the house of ill.  Yesterday we went to a friends house for New Years drinks.  I felt terrible, though got better while I was there (paracetamol is a wonderful thing).  However I crashed on getting home.  The downside was that my wife then started to become unwell as well.  So today we went out for lunch.  We have been to the West Mersea Oyster bar before (the picture above is part of the amazing view that can be seen if you eat outside) and have always loved eating there.  Today was no exception and
for the kids, they found a Pokéstop there.  Considering how busy it is there, the service, for the price you pay is great, and the food was fantastic.  Parking as always is fun there, but there is a car park just down the road from it now which we have used at times in the past.

After this meal, it was a drive to the beach, though we did make a slight diversion to allow the children to get more Pokéballs.  We left my wife in the car to read and enjoy the view while we went down to the beach to walk along it.  With little wind, I found the sound of water lapping against the shore to be very calming, and it was not too cold.  The children entertained themselves looking for shells and also by throwing stones into the sea and also playing chicken with the waves.  That last bit was why our walk was cut short, as my son, when distracted ended up with this shoes being soaked through!

So home again, and my wife and I took it in turns to help cooking, me peeling the potatoes and preparing the sprouts, while she did the clever bits.  After dinner, a bit of Modern Family and now, it is time for the kids to get ready for bed.  They are not too keen on this, but they will be back at school soon and need to get used to waking up early.  While my wife rests, I may get a chance to use the Fire Stick that I was given at Christmas to watch Vikings.  Though I will need to make sure that it does not wake her!

Anyway chess now.  I did spend time going over a bit of chess with the kids.  My daughter hates it, but they are both improving when it comes to thinking about it, and I hope this will help them with logic in the future.

I on the other hand have not done as well as I would have liked since my last update.

33rd Quick Knockouts (1201-1400)
GALAXY TOUR 1000 - 1499 #1
Super-Fast Mega Tournament
Top Of The Pops 23
Bird Watchers Winter Season Tournament
1st Arsenal Chess Championship
Oliver's Tournament-(2) 5-2
31st Quick Knockouts (1201-1400)
GALAXY TOUR 1000 - 1499 #4

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