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Saturday, 17 December 2016

Time with the children

Again, I have had the opportunity to spend time with my children.

In the last week, I have technically been off work for most of the week.  I still had to go in to complete the work that I have allowed to pile up, but this was a lot more relaxed than this would otherwise be.  As I had been slightly under the weather I had not cycled in after walking the kids to school but took the easy option to drive instead. This was not an option on Wednesday when I work in my other job, but I was up to cycling then.  Which was just as well as I am not allowed a parking space at that job, and that in turn has made me have to become fitter. I am not up to the standards of others in my area of Colchester who cycle to work (or as part of their journey to do so) but I am much better than I once was.

On Thursday I was back at my usual job, and it was a hard day. But yesterday I got to spend time with my amazing wife. It was not long, but it was time together without children, who while we both love them very much, at times distract our attentions from each other.  I did return to work, but later had to take the kids to an appointment which meant that they were taken out of school early. But later, after school, we went to watch a film, or rather the film I have been waiting most of the year for.

And it was awesome. All four of us loved it.  I was wary as some films we not as appreciated as the original three were by me.  But I was a child and these films are really meant for children. But the magic of Star Wars was present in Rogue One. We now await the extended version which should be available for Christmas next year.

And today, we traveled to London as my wife had a reunion to attend. The children were entertained by Pokémon Go on the way down, and we had a late lunch in East Ham. The food there was, as before, amazing and this is a place the children look forwards to going to.  They do not like spicy foods, but this appears to be an exception.  They are peacefully asleep now, after watching Strictly Come Dancing, but this week spent with them, has been treasured once more.

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