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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Romeo and Juliet is lovey-dovey apparently

It has been a really nice week.  Most of it was spent with the family which is why it has been amazing.  I got to take the kids to school most days and even helped in my sons class by talking to them about the skeleton.  It did mean that I got a lot more exercise as to the annoyance of my kids, we walked to and from school most of the time.

They had decided to give me the sponsorship forms that they needed for this week two days before they were to hand them in, and then carried out the exercises that were required. Sadly not that many people at work got to sponsor them, but they did raise money and hopefully one day, they will learn to hand me the forms sooner!

Today my son read a short version of Romeo and Juliet stating that it was too lovey-dovey for him. I was hoping to take him out cycling but only had time for my daughter, and she loved the route she went on.  The main picture is from this and was taken by her.

Anyway, that is the end of the update. Take care all!

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