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Monday, 14 November 2016

Are we doomed?

I know, a cheerful title to this post.  But there was an interesting result in America where they voted in a leader who says global warming is not occurring (while taking action to protect his interests from it).  And lets face it, this is someone who has expressed unacceptable behaviour talking about sexual assault and then excusing it as "locker room" talk.  When younger, and single, if I was with some other blokes, I would talk about a desire to have sex with a woman if they were attractive, but talking about assaulting them was something I never heard others talk about.  Anyway, with his attitudes to Syria and Russia, the world is going to be a very interesting place for the next four years.

On a lighter note, it was learning conference day today.  The kids were great.  My son however has a tendency to be like me at times when I was at school and not work to show his potential.  I now know how my mother felt and each time we have this, I remember the 'discussions' that my mother would have with me afterwards.  Saying that, he is doing a lot better than I did when I was his age.  But as he never reads this, it is a safe place to say that!  My daughter has allowed me to post two entries in her school blog here.  I would love it if both did more, but I can live in hope.  My son now has Pokémon Go which he loves.  I guess, I could use that to 'encourage' him to make posts!

Anyway, I am going to post on my progress in chess since my last posts.  The tournaments that I have played in that have finished are as follows
Speed King #150 - Very fast players 5(1)->2 U1500
Top Of The Pops 22
Apple pie
We have so much Snow under 1500
Holger Danske
Also my rating peaked at 1541, but I think it is going to fall, and fall hard soon.

Good night!

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