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Monday, 1 August 2016

Day one of our holiday in France

Knackered, that is the way to describe all of us.

My amazing wife has arranged a holiday for us in France and we are now enjoying the effort she put into this.  The last two days have been busy as I have been finishing off what work I can do before the holiday. Some of this will require me to catch up on e-mails when on holiday but otherwise we will be spending much needed and valued time together.  The big downside of this was when I was late for a lunch invite with some good friends yesterday. I owe them lots for this and will have to find a way to make it up to them.

As for today, the trip down to the Tunnel was essentially uneventful and though there were a lot more security checks than before the journey under the Channel went well. And then it was the long drive.  But the roads in France are great, as are the service areas.  My wife just kept saying how civilised things are in France.  Service areas in the UK are improving but have some way to go to catch up with the standard set in France.

Anyway, we are how resting in our hotel before setting off again tomorrow.  And I hope to be able to update the blog then.

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