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Sunday, 1 May 2016

I've created a shoe made out of Lego, so when you step on Lego it doesn't hurt. You just get taller.

We are back at home, the kids are in bed and we are watching Modern Family.  While the children, I and Alex went out to Legoland, my wife spent the day resting and then with Isobel and Tony.  

Legoland was great, and for me, a very full day.  While the children are getting too old for the rides, they did appreciate the Star Wars weekend that is held there and did enjoy the few rides that bring them some of the adrenaline that they crave.  Needless to say, I did not scream on any of the rides.  But they enjoyed meeting up with many people from Star Wars.  I have to say that there were not as many as there had been last year, but it was still an enjoyable Sunday (and if anyone from Legoland is reading this, get more for next year).  I got the two not as little ones to close their eyes in the back of the Saab on the way home and it did work to make them get some sleep, which was just as well as it was late when we got back home.  I now have many photos of them with characters from Star Wars, memories to treasure, and they have memories of me (fake, honestly) screaming on the rides!

Yesterday we had spent time with Isobel and Tony as well.  In the morning, I had been out to work, and as a personal achievement, I was able to ride to work better than I had done ever so far.  There is a steep hill on the way there, and I was able to ride up part of it.  Following this, there is a shallow gradient up which I was not able to cycle up before, but was able to do so.  I did not leave as early in the morning as I wanted so I did not complete as much paperwork as I needed to go through, but still, it was an improvement.  I need to get fitter, I know that it will not guarantee health, but I know that it will improve my odds of being a father to my children, and a husband to my wife for longer.

Later when at home, we went out for a meal at Bambu Vietnamese restaurant.  My wife had been here earlier in the week with Isobel had kindly taken her out.  Her knee is improving compared to last week, but still it needs lots of rest, however, she has returned to work (a decision I do not agree with).  While the initial service could have been better, it was good food and it is somewhere that I am sure we will be returning to.  My only issue with it is parking which is limited.  Although there are some parking bays opposite it, when we arrived there yesterday, one BMW had decided to park in two spaces

After this and returning the television that Father Christmas had bought for us, it was a trip to watch the Arsenal game with Tony, my daughter reading a book, my son playing MineCraft with Ben (who sadly I did not get to take to Legoland) and my wife resting there.  When it came to the Arsenal game, it was good that we won, and with other results, we may even be able to finish above the scum.  But our ability to finish in third is dependent on our own results, not that of others.  We are aided by the decision of The Manchester Team That Rhymes With City to replace their manager at the end of the season.  This means that his priority will be to win a trophy rather than finish in the top three, or possibly four.  And the only trophy that he can now win is the European Cup.  So I am hoping that they are still in it when it comes to them playing us on the 8th of May, ideally after an exhausting game against Real Madrid on the 4th that has gone to extra time and preferably penalties.  The game was noted for the demonstration for a change of manager, and while I understand that desire, I think that it is wrong to do so in the ground when there is so much to play for.  In the ground support the team and the players (even Giroud) but outside the ground, let the board know about the feelings and frustrations of the supporters who bring the atmosphere to the ground that is needed to help the team win.  While Arsène Wenger has brought two FA cups to Arsenal in the last three seasons, we were top this season and threw it all away.  I, like so many others was amazed that Giroud was starting and that Alex Iwobi was taken off, but Arsène was right as it was Giroud who provided the header for Welbeck to score in a game that meant so much to Norwich considering the results earlier in the day.

Dinner with Tony and Isobel was much appreciated and now to bed.

Goodnight all and enjoy the music from Max Milner!


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