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Saturday, 2 April 2016

The nice thing about being senile is you can hide your own Easter eggs

I may get in trouble for the title of this post, but if I do, sorry for any offence caused.

I did not get the chance to post much after our return to Colchester last week.  It was great to have some time away and spending it with friends and since then I have had fun with the kids.  Due to childcare issues I had to take Wednesday off work, which was to be fair brilliant as that meant that I got to spend time with the two children.  This meant as well that we got to enjoy the bicycle ride that the kids seem to enjoy.  The only downside was that the two children had to be taken out together, and the issue with that is that they have two very different bicycles and that means my daughter is able to cycle a lot faster than her brother.  Also as he has been unwell more than his sister, this has meant that he has not been able to cycle as often as her.  But his stamina was amazing, considering what he had been able to do in the past and comparing that to what he did last week, he is inspirational.  I was not able to test his sister as much as she is able to cycle at speed and enjoys it, to a point, though I think at present she gets a bit nervous pushing herself to her limits.  I did not get the change to take them out earlier today but depending on how mowing the lawn goes tomorrow, I may be able to do this tomorrow.  Hopefully.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy some music from The Voice.  And if you are wondering about the picture, it was by my daughter from a few years ago.  She was not too happy about me posting it here.  And if you are interested in some memories from before she painted that, this link will take you there.

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