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Sunday, 3 January 2016

My New Year's resolution is to stop procrastinating - in 2011, that is.

Actually my resolution is to get my weight below 90 kilos. My mother wants me to get my cholesterol checked which is important but what is more important for my health is exercise, which is hopefully going to happen this year, and weight loss.

My voice is better today and I can actually talk, which means that my voice should be acceptable for work tomorrow. We spent today taking the Christmas decorations down, the tree that we have on loan from my wife's parents going back into it's box in the garage.  

And just before bed, I have finally got to watching the Arsenal match from yesterday. We were lucky to win our goal coming out of nothing. Ramsey is almost back to form, the same being with The Ox, and it was good to have some players back from injury. But the players returning applies to other teams and the Manchester team that rhymes with City now have the cyborg Aguero back. I say cyborg as I am convinced that he must be part machine. 

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