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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Just a quick post

It was an interesting bike ride today.  The kids wanted to ride along the route that we have cycled on before, but I got them to try out a new route.  The only downside was that they got to cycle a bit too fast on some of the downhill bits.  And as noted on a trip to Porto in a time before children, after down must come up.  That bit was interesting.  While I would be able to cycle up the parts the kids could not, it would be unfair to do so.  And after one fall too many, we walked up a few slopes.  The downside was when my son almost cycled into a main road.  

Maybe I will listen to my wife next time and take them on the route that they usually go on.

Anyway, time for some music again as it is time for The Voice.  One singer, Femi Santiago was another of those who I rated but sadly, like so many, did not get to go as far as they could.

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