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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Having watched the new John Lewis Christmas advert. Makes me think the Americans may have left Buzz Aldrin behind.

The John Lewis Christmas Ad Parody 2015 (The Dark Side Version) from The Poke on Vimeo.

First things first, I am laughing over the defeat of Chelski today at Stoke.  It makes up for the defeat of Arsenal earlier this week.  And when I say defeat, it does not really do justice to the pitiful display shown in a game that most expected to lose.  And of course, I am nervous about the game tomorrow.  The kids were annoyed that I went out to watch the defeat, it looks like my daughter will watch Arsenal on television and while my son is interested in what happens with Arsenal, he has yet to show an interest in watching a match.

Needless to say, at this time, both are in bed.  Yesterday they had sleepovers, my daughter here for a party for her birthday, my son being allowed to stay at a friends house.

And last of all, an update on chess.  We had a little in house tournament last weekend.  My son gave up after losing two games which allowed my daughter to win, along with my wife and I.  However, with on-line chess, I have not been so fortunate and the updated list of tournaments I have not won now includes
Caro-Kann or Caro Can't #2: Advance Variation!
Dragon Warriors 3
Queens gambit 02
6th Man on Fire
Stardust VII
5th Green Wing - A really annoying defeat in the last game cost me here!

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