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Monday, 9 November 2015

Call Of Duty, certificate 18. Join the army at 16, get a couple years practice.

It was great being with the children today.  But today is the last of my few days off.  My wife and I used it to spend the day shopping and we went to Bluewater.  We had a great meal in Carluccio's, good food, and great service, and bought things to eat at Christmas.  It was great to spend the day together, as while we love our children more that we could ever imagine, at times it is nice to have time together.

I got to pick the up from school and to then take them swimming.  And compared to the last time I took them, they are doing so well!  I am lucky as not all fathers get to spend time doing this.  A trip to Beavers for my son later and then a drive home with the children.  Not much else to say today as I am going to have to get ready for bed.

I hope you like these songs from the X-factor.  I did.

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