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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Our last weekend

Last weekend was amazing and we did loads.  The kids had a non-pupil day on Monday but did not realise that my wife had taken time off for me on the day.  We travelled down to London, on Sunday picked up my mother and then travelled to Maltby Street.  We have been there many times before and we all love it, though it was the first time for my mother to be there.  And when there we enjoyed the food and drink that is there.  I often eat at Borough Market, which has a much larger choice of food, but as it is more well known, is a lot more crowded and also does not seem as friendly as those in Maltby Street.  The kids had waffles, my wife a toasted sandwich and we drank cocktails, though as I was driving, with no alcohol for me!

After a drive across London to drop off my mother, we went to watch Hotel Transylvania 2, and other than the end, I have to say I loved it.  And when it comes to the end, it is a film for kids, not for adults, so while I would love to be harsh, it is not about that.  Needless to say, the kids loved the film and worked out which film they were to watch when I said it was a horror film.  After that it was a drive back to South London where we drove into a hotel, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London - Docklands Riverside.  The kids were surprised and at a loss as to what I was to do with work on Monday, let alone what to wear, until we revealed the suitcase.  My daughter had noted it before, but had not worked out that we were to go on a weekend away!

Come the morning we had a good breakfast and then we took the ferry from the hotel across the river to Canary Wharf.  The kids had fun walking though it especially as after the rush hour it was not too busy.  They loved the fountain in the fountain in Cabot Square and also got to see a Harrier Hawk that is used to keep the Pigeons away.  But in addition to that, they got to sit at the front of a DLR train, one that went underground as we went to Bank.  They wanted to know what the end of the tunnel looked like, but when we went to travel on the Waterloo and City line, they got to see what the end of one tunnel looked like.  From there it was a walk by the side of the South Bank Centre were we bought the Big Issue.  The vendor told the kids that if they were good, they might get taken out somewhere nice for lunch and little did he, or they, know just right he was!  Walking across Waterloo Bridge was a different experience for them and then we decided to have a break when in Aldwych as we went into The One Aldwych Hotel.  My daughter guessed something was up but had little idea we were to experience the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Tea Party.  And what an experience it was.  The sandwiches were great, the service perfect but I ate too much and this was an issue when it came to the sweets.  The kids loved the Candy floss most, but they had been filled on sandwiches and had to let me help them finish.  

Following this, it was a trip to Covent Garden to see a magician perform a trick where he escaped from chains.  Again, this was an experience for the children, my son soaking it all in, my daughter being grossed out by parts of it.  And then home.  All in all, an enjoyable weekend for all, one that I suspect will not be repeated for some time.

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