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Sunday, 13 September 2015

It's funny to hear Jeremy Corbyn say that he hates capitalism. Especially since he has brought about the division of Labour

Politics will be interesting till 2025.  With the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader many think that David Cameron will bring about a Conservative victory, probably for Boris in 2020.  While Corbyn hopes to bring about party unity, he himself is someone who has voted with his heart and conscience over the party line on many occasions and it will be interesting to see if he allows others to do the same.  The concern of many is that a divided party is one the electorate will not trust and that elections appear to be won in the centre ground.

But Labour lost the election due to a view of many that they were too left wing.  I disagree as Labour were slaughtered in Scotland as they were not left wing enough and I think, like Yvette Cooper, that the future is to be radical in some areas and more cautious in others.  Like Corbyn, I feel that austerity has gone too far and needs to be stopped due to the effect that it has on the socially disadvantaged, and that is before the latest cuts, however, I do not think that I can say I support all his other policies.  The bottom line is that Labour lost votes to the SNP in Scotland for not being left wing enough and in addition, lost votes to UKIP and the Conservatives for being too left wing.

The bottom line is that this is not like when Labour voted in Michael Foot as leader, this is like when the Conservatives voted in William Hauge and Iain Duncan Smith as leaders.  Back then, the Conservative party voted in someone who stood for the views of the party rank and file, on more than one occasion, and this was a godsend to the Labour party who in effect, had no opposition to have to deal with.  When the Conservatives moved the party to the right, they ceded the centre ground to Labour and this made it easier for Labour to keep the support of papers who do influence the way people think.  Corbyn, has been an honourable man standing by his principals and being willing to admit when he has been wrong, but the press have loved to misinterpret his views and this has resulted in people falling for smears against him.

On a personal note, as some who had read this blog are aware, I work for the NHS.  I have a skill mix that can allow me to work in the private sector (and earn more money) or abroad.  I have not despite the way that the workload has increased as I have a sense of loyalty to the patients that I serve.  If I find that I can not continue to work in the NHS due to the way that the Conservatives are improving the NHS, I have options.  Other than the issues I have with the NHS, I will be better off under a Conservative government.  However, there are so many in the country who will not be and over all, I think that a Conservative government from 2020 till 2025 will be bad for our great nation, just as I think that the rule since the electoral win earlier this year has been bad as well.  

Anyway, onto the family.  My son has started to play football again.  He did play it in the past, but got fed up with it when it was cold but he has realised now just how important it is in school with the other boys.  My wife on picking him up this week after football was impressed at how hard he was trying, though he was not as good as the others (naturally considering that they have been playing for longer).  The only downside is that now he is taking more of an interest in football results.  When I watch Match of the Day, I do not like to know the scores as it is the closest I can get to watching the games live.  So last night, he took incredible pleasure in telling me the score for the Arsenal game!  I still enjoyed watching it.  Arsenal should have scored a lot more goals, but then that has been the case in many a game, but the difference was that Stoke were not able to do what so many other teams have done, which is to soak up the pressure and hit the Gunners on the break.  The weekend has been improved so far with Chelski loosing, but would have been made better if ManUre and the team that rhymes with City had lost, or drew.  Still, I can cope Sunderland get a result later today...

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