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Monday, 10 August 2015

The Golden Saloon in Umbertide and the Chocolate factory in Perugia

Today we went to Perugia aiming to visit the city itself as well as visiting the chocolate factory there.  My kids know my views on Nestle but while I have told them about them I have also said what great chocolate they make.  The company Perugina was formed in 1907 and originally was in another part of Perugia, but over time it grew and had to change location and was sold to Nestle.  We were lucky as the couple who run the villa we are staying in made a reservation for us and even making a shopping diversion we arrived in good time.
The tour was good with an excellent guide who coped well with many children making a lot of noise and our kids were both great at being well behaved as well as being disappointed that they did not get to experience the chocolate kitchen.  From a previous trip to Cadbury World they were not expecting any chocolate waterfalls nor glass lifts and they loved the samples that were given out.
By the time we got out the heavens had opened and it rained and rained and rained.  It was exciting for the two children but an experience for my wife and I who ended up taking them to McDonalds for lunch.  Not what we originally planned which was to explore the city and its history.  When we finally arrived back after a rest, it was out for dinner though that was interesting as many places were closed. We did find one place open that did not look amazing but we loved it as we were served the biggest pizzas we have had in a long time.  Even if we had ordered two, we would have had food left over!  Folłowing this was a walk around the castle in Umbertide.
Now we have to make plans for tomorrow and hope that the weather is good.

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