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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

I have looked up Lancia jokes and I have realised that the jokes are the cars

Okay, I am grateful that our car works, but it is a terrible car.  It has awful acceleration and in addition Europcar gave us a Lancia with no washer fluid in it.  And in case it has not been noted before it has a radio but no functionality for our iPod as in no USB port or, which is present more often, an audio jack.

Tuesday is Market Day in Gubbio which is great to browse in and overall visiting the town we had a great day, the only downside being lunch.  We browsed a bit in the market before heading into the historical part of the town.  I have to admit that we missed out on all the market had to offer, which included lunch, a point that we regretted later in the day.  Gubbio is a beautiful town, like so many in Umbria, full of history and beauty.  It was baking hot and we all were grateful that the policeman my wife talked to told us about the lifts that allowed us to go up in the world to overlook the town.  I was embarrassed at the ability of my wife in speaking Italian and we were all put to shame with his excellent use of the English in comparison to my terrible Italian.  Walking up and down the town would have been fun for me but not for both our children.  The museum at the top was fascinating, though my son found it a bit boring at times.  Lunch was in a tourist trap and was not up to the quality we now expect in Italy, however dessert, which was an Italian ice-cream was to quote my kids spectacular, though we had it closer to the square of 40 martyrs.  Some of the pictures are from the museum at the top of the town.

Back at Santa Chiara we got to enjoy the pool that the children has been looking forwards to.  As you can see from these and previous pictures the view is amazing and to describe the place as relaxing is an understatement.

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