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Friday, 8 May 2015

I'm scared to stand up in case the SNP take my seat

Well it is the day after the night before.  I will be up front and say that I did not (and doubt I ever will) vote Conservative.  This brought memories of 1992 back to me.  The polls said that Labour were going to win and instead the Conservatives won with a huge number of votes.  

I got my first idea that things had not gone well for the country at 2200 when the BBC published an exit poll that showed that David Cameron was going to be ten seats short of a majority.  My wife asked how accurate such polls were and a quick Wikipedia search depressed me as they had been quite accurate since 1992.  But I, like most of those watching, forgot the "Shy Tory" effect, that being many people were to vote Conservative but we're too ashamed to say so.  And as we now know, things got better for the Tories.

So David Cameron now has a majority and now can go ahead with the electoral reform he wants to bring in.  Disenfranchise the Scottish vote making English laws to be voted on by English MP's playing into the hands of the SNP who want to destroy the Union.  The justification being that Scottish MP's have no power on certain issues thanks to the Scottish Assembly while London MP's can vote over issues that the London Assembly has power  Bringing in Union reform to only allow a strike to go ahead if 50% of total union members (note, not voting members) vote for strike action when most MP's who will vote for this are not voted in by 50% of the electorate in the seats they represent (see the Alternative Vote) and of course, reform of electoral boundaries, again to favour the Conservatives.  And that is not counting the harm that they have caused the NHS through underfunding.  While they have increased funding (not always in real terms though) it has not kept up with health inflation, this being higher than normal inflation due to costs of new drugs and treatments that become available.  I may not agree with not increasing funding, but if you are to slowly starve the NHS of money be honest and do not wonder why those doctors, nurses and other health care professionals who can, leave.  The UK will always attract health professionals from abroad to work here, but when those who have the skills sought by other nations find out that they can earn more for less work, do not be surprised if they leave.  Still, I would be surprised if the NHS is allowed to get much worse as then it will not be able to be hidden from the public as well as it has.

Anyway, congratulations to the Conservatives as they have managed to use Wales to bash Labour over how the NHS is 'better' under the Tories as well as helping the right wing press to smear Labour and Not-Red-Enough-Ed (in my view on austerity) to hide the increase in food banks, those on Zero Hour contracts, falling Police morale, an Education policy that fails the most disadvantaged and rewards those more able and a weakened Armed Services when we face an aggressive Russia that 'has not invaded Ukraine' just like it was 'not partially responsible' for the accidental of flight MH17 over rebel held airspace in Ukraine. 

I suspect that many of those who are to be affected by the planned cuts have not voted and while I can probably survive five more years of a Conservative government, there are many who are disadvantaged who are going to suffer even more, much more than me.  The heartless cynic in me says that they will get what they deserve for not voting, but many of them did vote and they are to face the effects of the planned "efficiency savings" as well.
In five years time we get to decide again but it may be without Scotland and we may have a reformed electoral system that favours the Conservatives.

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