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Friday, 17 April 2015

It's six months ago today that my pet snail walked out on me. I was gutted. I'd go after him but it's too late. He'll be at the bus stop by now.

Well, this week was a landmark in that I squashed my first snail of the year.  Our front garden attracts them and normally, later in the year, I find loads on the path.  As I walk to the door at night, there is the sound and feel of dead snails as I unintentionally crush their shells.  I do my best when I know that they are lining up to die to avoid them, but sometimes I forget.  And this week, I was not expecting one to be out.  Mind you, I am sure one of the local birds appreciated it come the morning!

On the weekend we travelled to Southwold, one of our favourite destinations and we all loved it.  My daughter and I took a longer walk as my son does not walk as fast as she does.  The top photo is of a sandcastle that we found my daughter taking that as well as the picture of the cannons.  My son took the picture of the pier and I promised to post them on the blog.  As they have in the past

But, since then, my daughter has had a painful foot.  Wednesday involved a trip to the doctors as my daughter who had been to school the previous day was finding it too hard to walk.  After that, a trip to the hospital for her first ever x-ray but after that, while there was no fracture, she had to rest.  Hopefully she will be able to walk more tomorrow, but I suspect that if she feels she can, she will be running.  While she has had to stay at home, my son has been going into school and I have been told that he does not like it as much if she is not there.  We are lucky to have such wonderful kids.  Anyway, good night again and I hope you like the two songs.

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