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Saturday, 7 March 2015

We found our son's hamster dead today. "I don't want him to get upset," said my wife, "Why don't we just replace it with a puppy?" "Because he'll notice the difference." I replied.

Quite a bit has happened since I last made a post about the family.  We have had a birthday, a birthday party, and a few meals out.

First of all, the birthday was one that was enjoyed by both the children,  They enjoyed it and now have more weapons with which to fight me.  As for the birthday party, it was held at Pizza Express and they managed it well, the kids enjoying the interactive party.  My view is that if you love pizza, you will have to love Pizza Express, and today, they did not disappoint.

And on the topic of Italian food, another great place to eat in Colchester is Granata which serves authentic fresh cooked Italian food.  Considering the competition that it faces with some very good Italian style chains, it holds its own and is certainly worth visiting, for we loved the service as well as the food.  Why it was not more busy when we went there is beyond me.

I would love to post more, but I am knackered today.  Goodnight...

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