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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Peace in the Holy Land, 2014, a missed opportunity

Almost the end of the year and so much has happened.  There could be many things that I post about today, but due to a discussion on Twitter, I have decided to post about this.

I support a just peace for all religions in the Holy Land.  I think that it should not be too much to ask for Muslims, Jews and Christians to live side by side in peace.  I understand the reasons that Israel has to fear its neighbours and I also understand why Palestinians feel that the world has left them to rot.  This is not to say who started what, or what violent actions are right on one side or another but rather this is a post about why I think that 2014 has been a missed opportunity for peace.

Netanyahu and Obama have not seen eye to eye and it is that which is the opportunity for peace.  There is huge pressure in the US for support for Israel, and while I am not against that, up to a point, it makes it harder for any leader in the White House to bring about change in the Middle East.  The bottom line is that Israel is a democracy, whereas Gaza and the West Bank are not really the same.  Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank was meant to finish his term in 2009.  While Hamas were elected, they have not allowed free and fair elections.  The simple facts are that most people in the west are interested in a fair peace in the Middle East.  With Obama as President in the US, the people of Palestine have a chance to work for that.  And they should bring about fair elections as soon as possible in order to help allies in the west help them.

It may not seem like much, but it makes it easier for people like me to lobby my Member of Parliament to try and get the government to work towards peace, a peace for all.

Anyway, I have to go now.  Have a Happy New Year!

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