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Thursday, 25 December 2014

As an avid UKIP supporter, I blocked the chimney this Christmas to stop any Laps getting in. They come over here, take our mince pies and carrots...

Christmas was great, and I wish a Merry Christmas to anyone who is reading this. 

I was a bit evil as my daughter was awake after six in the morning and while my wife was asleep, I heard her go to the toilet, and then later, she came into the room to see if we were awake.  And then finally, when she did return, she decided to wake us up!

The kids got a letter as well as presents from Father Christmas (who was nice enough to give us a present as well) and then after watching Frozen, the sing along version, we got round to opening the other presents.  And to say that they loved them was probably an understatement.  My son, who has been prone to annoying his sister more than normal recently, ended up playing with his Transformer for most of the day.  They are asleep now, but hopefully they will treasure memories like this for a long time.

Well, good night all, and once again, have a Merry Christmas!

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