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Sunday, 15 August 2010

My girlfriend says I am no good with money. She won't be saying that when my 10,000-1 bet on Blackpool to win the prem comes in!

Evening all.
It has been an interesting time since I last posted.

I went out for a drink and managed to annoy those I went out drinking with.  I have a tendency to rant when drunk.  I have been noted on one occasion to annoy some Daily Mail readers, which was not a problem other than I had to apologise to the hosts of the meal we had gone to due to the nature of my comments.  Annoying right wing bigots when drunk, fine.  Annoying friends, not good.

Work has been better.  I am getting used to the new computer system, and also I think that I am getting used to the increased workload.  It is strange working somewhere where everyone tries to support each other, as opposed to working somewhere were certain senior people seemed to be trying to find new and interesting ways not to work.

Anyway, the kids.  They have been fine.  They went to watch Toy Story 3 this week. I did not get to go, being at work.  My wife took them with her mother.  It was the first time my son got to watch a film at the cinema, not so with my daughter who has already watched Up.  Apparently, his tendency to scream "Scary" did not seem to annoy other people there, but served to amuse. I hope!
They have also been raspberry picking.  It was meant to be strawberry picking, but they are no longer in season.  My daughter loves raspberries.  My son thought it would be great, until he tasted them.  He forgot that he does not like them!  Sneaky git today decided to tell me that his sister did a poo in his nappy.  When I asked him what she would say if I asked her, he, the two year old went "Shhh!"  Needless to say, I do not think that my daughter did a poo in his nappy and them put it on him.

I read an article the other day that said, "if you drink every day you are an alcoholic."

Thank god I only drink every night.

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